Collection: Yana Fanaro

Born and raised in Colorado, Christiana “Yana” Fanaro has been making art since she was a child. A recipient of the school's Promising Artist Award, Yana attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design on a portfolio scholarship. Since, she has become a mother of two and furthered her education to become a teacher in the Pikes Peak Region. She shares her love of creating with her family as well as all the families she interacts with, believing you’re never too young or too old to play with some paint.

In this collection, Fragmented, Yana plays with the multiple emotional experiences she faces as a mother, the pieces of herself that are fragmented, out of focus, scattered and blurred.

“Come into my brain and heart space and discover how I mourn the loss of my independent self. Transition with me as I move into the chaos, disaster, and beauty, and as I gain an incredible and unexplainable love and priority for other humans. Humans that I am responsible for shaping. Forever crossing my fingers and my heart hoping they turn out a little less fucked than their predecessors. I’m dancing in all the tearful blurs that is my existence. Come into this space with me.” - Yana Fanaro