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Robert Lococo is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) and a full time artist in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He began his art career at the age of twelve as the youngest member of the High Country Artist Association, and student of watercolor under renowned artist Herman Raymond. Robert’s passion grew through high school, and led him to pursue a Bachelors of Fine Arts at SAIC. The diverse curriculum there allowed him to explore new possibilities in art, working with materials such as ceramics, metal, fiber, and oil paint, and notably, to develop a special love for woodworking. After a time, he move back to Colorado for family and friends. His art can be found on his website, at Auric Gallery, and most recently at True North Gallery.

"I gave myself one rule: each piece had to highlight an interaction between at least two souls. It scared me, but also drove me forward. It demanded that I observe my own sensibilities, and through the process, found myself in an open-ended discussion between myself and these characters. Them noticing me and me noticing them through the lenses of their own desires, cultures, silly gestures, and ways of mourning. Whimsy is a continuation, as I flesh out the sometimes deep and sometimes surface level relationships that fill our everyday lives." - Robert Lococo

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